The following ten questions and answers will create general breast cancer awareness.

However in case of critical breast problems please consult your family physician.

• Are older women only affected by breast cancer?
No. The risk of breast cancer is more as we grow old. It can develop at any age.

• Does risk factor for breast cancer means you will suffer from it?
No. If you have risk factors even then it is not certain that you will get breast cancer.

• Is it hereditary?
No. Every more or less is exposed to risk of breast cancer. 80% of women patients of breast do not report of any family history of the disease. Old age is single and major risk factor for breast cancer. For women with family history of breast cancer, risk level may go a little high, very high, or not at all. In case you are worried know your family history and counsel with your doctor or a genetic counselor.

• Does breast cancer history of mother’s family affect the risk?
No. A mother’s OR your father’s family history of breast cancer can equally affect the risk, because half of genes come from mother, half from father.

• Is breast cancer caused by using antiperspirants?
No. There are no proofs or reports that antiperspirants causes breast cancer risk. The relation between antiperspirants and breast cancer and is baseless.

• Birth control pills cause breast cancer.
No. Research studies say birth control pills do not cause breast cancer.

• Eating high-fat foods causes breast cancer.
No. Several research studies do not reveal clear connection between higher risk of breast cancer and eating high fatty foods

• Is regular breast self-exam the right way to detect breast cancer?
No. High quality film-screen mammography or digital mammography is the most trusted way to detect breast cancer.

• I’m at high risk for breast cancer and there’s nothing I can do about it.
No. There are several ways to minimize the risk of breast cancer. Changes in lifestyle like low alcohol consumption, quitting smoking, and daily exercises are some options. Consult your doctor.

• Detection of breast cancer means death sentence?
No. Majority of women with breast cancer have shown no signs of metastases i.e. cancer has not spread beyond the breast and nearby lymph nodes. Furthermore, all these patients live for at least five years, longer, or much longer.

Moreover remarkable breakthroughs in cancer medicine are becoming more available nowadays.

There are many breast cancer awareness programs regularly organized by hospitals, charities, social clubs, government, and cultural groups etc. Participate in such forums and seminars to know more about breast cancer.

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