This holiday season, you might be considering purchasing gifts for your employees.  Most everyone will appreciate getting a gift around the holidays.  Most people view holiday gifts as something that they are entitled to rather than a reward for a job well done.  People depend on bonuses and gifts these days.

Sometimes, they plan their holiday trips, gifts, and even bill-paying on these bonuses.  That means that the bonuses are not really appreciated.  They don’t really see it as being a reward.  Instead, it is more like compensation to them.

Companies shouldn’t just throw in the towel on holiday gifts and bonuses, but instead, they should consider new ways to thank their employees.

1. Make it personal by including a personal message. 

Most of the time people overlook how powerful a written thank you can be.  Employees notice when you take extra time out to write them a small note of appreciation that they can keep and reads over and over.

These messages should be personal and specific to each employee, instead of just a general thank you.  They can be included in the holiday gift.  Make sure that you highlight at least one valuable attribute for every employee.

2. Know your employees.

It might be difficult for you to decide what to give this holiday season if you are not familiar with your audience.  You should learn what your employees are enthusiastic about.  Some people may love the gift of a night out on the town, while others may appreciate a nice dinner with the staff.

3. Consider non-monetary gifts. 

When employees were surveyed, getting the gift of time off was the most appreciated.  You could consider doing something that would not cost you anything monetarily, but instead something that will be very much appreciated.

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