1. When a business faces a disaster that causes a great deal of damage, such as the recent mega-storm Sandy, you want to make sure that you keep all documentation of any damages that have been done to your business.  This is a very critical step.

2. Make sure that everyone knows what is going on.  This is especially something that must be communicated to your employees and your consumers.  You should keep them updated on when it is safe for them to come back to work or shop with you.  You can do this through email communication or social media.

3. Realize that your short term cash flow can be greatly affected by a disaster.  You want to notify your bank and all of your creditors about the situation so that they can be prepared in the event you run into financial difficulties.

4. Have a good relationship with your suppliers.  You might need to order some more inventory, especially if your current inventory was damaged.  You also may not be able to pay them upfront until your insurance pulls through, but most of them will work with you on this.

5. Think positively as you move forward.  You can actually use a disaster as an opportunity to move forward in your business.  Sometimes, business owners will use it as a chance to change things and start new.

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