Employees are usually your greatest asset to your business, so why would you not want to be ready to recruit new talent?  You should not just focus on the recruitment process when you have a job opening.  You should keep your eye out for talent when they come your way.  Know how to find a job for them when you notice them.

You will want to involve your entire network to help you spot potential candidates.  Your personal connections, along with word of mouth, can really help you fill a position with the right person.  You might find that someone that has been recommended to you is not available, but they may know of someone who is.

People that are looking for jobs will often attend events in your area in order to find something within their industry.  They understand the fact that an opportunity can arise at any time.  IF you are using social media and other forums, then you may find some great candidates through those avenues.

Being prepared when you run into someone that will be great for the job is definitely important.  You will also want to make sure that you have something to offer them so that they will want to come on board.

Here are a few things that you should ask yourself:

  • How can you go about attracting top talent?
  • How effective is your hiring process?
  • What do you have to offer?
  • How can you retain top talent?

You might want to start by creating a pitch to help you express what you have to offer.  You will want them to see why they would want to choose your business over someone else’s.  You also want to make sure that the business values line up with their values.

If you don’t really get a lot of resumes, then you might want to ask yourself these questions:

  • Does your business seem appealing to potential candidates?
  • Are you up to date with current culture?
  • Are you taking part in social media?

The candidate’s intelligence is really just as important as the skills that they possess.  You will want to make sure that you find someone that will fit into your organization.  Be on the lookout from within your company as well, as this is a great way for you to discover new talent.

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