In this day and age, most everyone is using a smartphone for more than just making phone calls.  Data usage is one of the biggest uses of smartphones nowadays.  There are many major mobile phone companies that don’t offer unlimited mobile data anymore, which means that people may pay more for their mobile data plans.

Small business owners may not want to pay for each individual data plan for their employees.  Studies have shown that over half of the mobile budget for small companies goes to data plans.  Every mobile device owned by the company will incur data charges.  They can really add up quickly.

Here are some tips to help you minimize your mobile data charges on your business phones:

1. Take a look at mobile data needs for employees.

This is something that every business owner should consider before they give out smartphones to their employees.  Not everyone will need to have mobile data to do their job.  Some people will be okay with just using a basic phone that does not require data usage.  The same goes for those that use tablets.

2. Consider various money-saving service plans.

There are many carriers out there that don’t have unlimited data plans, but there are some that can work great for those that use a lot of data.  There are also certain services, such as Toggle by AT&T that will allow people to go back and forth with their business and personal data usage to help keep them separate.

Other companies offer shared data plans which allow them to share data with up to 10 smartphones.  These plans also include unlimited talk, text, and multimedia messaging.

3. Use the Wi-Fi feature whenever you can.

It is really important that you make sure that all smartphones have Wi-Fi capabilities.  Anytime the smartphones are used on the Wi-Fi network, there are no data charges incurred.  This can really help to save companies a whole lot of money over time.

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