When you first start your own business, you will likely have a lot of great ideas.  You probably have a great company name and logo, but do you have the protection that you need in order to ensure that no one else can use them?

The best way to protect your intellectual property is through the use of trademarks and copyrights.  A trademark is basically used to protect words, sounds, or designs that differentiate your business from others.  Copyright offers protection for your literary works, dramatic works, musical works, and artistic works.  That means that you have the sole ownership and rights of these works.

If you use a trademark for a certain amount of time, you will eventually own it according to common law. That does not mean that you should not register the trademark.  You can gain protection for your business name, web URL, logos, products, and slogans by registering your trademark in Canada.

Using your trademark will help you to establish brand name awareness in the community.  It can help you to establish and build rapport, and it can also help to set your brand apart from the rest.  A registered trademark will help to ensure that you have protection in the event that other people try to do business under a similar name.

The same is pretty much true for copyright.  Original works have automatic protection, but registering your copyright can give you added protection.  It can help you to prove that you have ownership of the works.  It can also help to discourage copyright infringers.  People will be required to ask for your permission before they are able to use your copyrighted works.

There is a fee associated with registering a copyright or a trademark.  When you register them, you will want to keep an eye out to make sure that your rights are not being infringed.

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