Most people have seen QR codes.  They are strange-looking bar codes that are making their way into the marketing industry.  They are not really expected to go away soon either.  They are also known as quick response codes.

QR codes were first used in Japan, and they have taken on many forms over the years.  They can be used anywhere and can be any size.  They work alongside Smartphone devices.  All people need is a barcode scanner in order to make use of the QR codes.  They will simply hold the scanner up to the code and snap a photo of it.  The app will scan it, and take them directly to your business’s landing page.  You can put your QR codes anywhere you like.  Here are a few reasons that you might want to consider QR code marketing:

  1. Mobility: This day and age, everyone is mobile and on the go.  QR codes help people to get information quickly about things that interest them.  They can then go back to it later when they have time to look at it closer.
  1. Marketing Integration: QR codes can appear on your website, Facebook page, printed media, marketing materials, and much more.  They can also be integrated together to help complete your marketing plan.  You can use more than one type of QR code for various different business aspects, which means they can be very versatile.
  1. Smartphone Usage: This day and age, more and more people are using Smartphones.  About 70 percent of people that use a Smartphone use it every day.  QR codes must be used in conjunction with a Smartphone, so that is good news for QR code users.
  1. Free: You can generate QR codes online for free.  Just look up generators online and find one that will help you create the codes that you need for your business.
  1. Brand Awareness: QR codes these days are much more sophisticated than they used to be.  You can actually generate codes that have your logo in the design.  This can help when it comes to your brand name awareness.

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