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This right here is the new Asus Zephyrus G14 gaming laptop and this is one of the most exciting most power packed laptops I have ever used now there are mainly two reasons why I found this laptop truly exciting :

  1. This dot matrix display that is super cool
  2. The 4000 series AMD chips combined with NVIDIA gpus well

Let’s talk about number one first this anime matrix design so this right here is the moonlight wide variant of the sapphire G14 and I think it looks very cool I mean the finish looks great but what actually makes this stand out is the dot matrix design aka the anemia matrix now this kind of an led display has this cool rgb logo with this cool effect by default but i love the fact that I can completely customize this via the armory crate app so let me show you I can set it to basically anything so I can say set it to have a text show up and as you can see I’ve set it to if the bell icon and b bomb so yeah you should hit the bell icon because come on you should have done that already I can even set an image or gif to it This is mind blown gif in action on the anime matrix and it looks awesome.

You can also enable a visualizer on the matrix so whenever you play some music you get this very cool visualizer right here how awesome is that it can also be slightly useful i mean you can set it to show notifications for any new emails the battery percentage and the time you can make sure this shows up even when you close the Led so you can keep track of the time the mails etc.

Asus Zephyrus G14 Image


I’ll be honest the enemy matrix display on the G14 is a lot of fun I mean it’s not super useful and you don’t really get to see it much often but it’s very well done and I enjoyed personalizing it anyway coming to the other big highlight the Asus z14 is part by the latest 7 nanometer 4g AMD cpus that are super powerful and they’re supposed to be the ones that truly beat intel anyway the Zephyrus g14 has the amd cpus coupled with either NVIDIA GTX gpus or the RTX gpus our top-end version has the super powerful Ryzen 9 4 900 hs chipset with eight core 16 threads is just awesome there’s also the NVIDIA RTX 2060 max q version gpu and this is the reason Asus has managed to make this laptop supportable anyway other specs include 16 gb ddr for ram and 1tb pcie 3rd gen ssd so these specs are good and the few benchmarks i ran showed that the Ryzen 9 4 900 edges is supremely powerful especially in multi-core tests.

I mean these scores are great now I did not get to check the rendering speed or do any other tests on the cpu but we all know how powerful this new chipset from AMD is plus it’s very power efficient so i’m positive let’s talk about gaming now so the 2060 RTX max q isn’t the most powerful gpu out there but it’s definitely very powerful.

I played a few aaa titles on the laptop and it did pretty well I played Pubg as well as far Cry 5 to very intensive games and I got more than 60 70 fps on both the games with the graphics set to ultra which is awesome you can always get even better frame rates with lower graphics but yeah the gaming performance here is very good and the G14 can easily handle any aaa title you throw at it plus with the Ryzen 9 4900hs any creator tasks like 4k video editing 3d rendering or any other intensive task should work fine on this laptop anyway

if you’re also wondering about the display and its performance well the g14 comes in multiple variants there’s a 120 hertz full HD variant a 60 hertz full HD variant and a high-end wqhd 60hz variant well we have the top ends of G14 laptop and this comes with a 14 inch wqhd ips display with adaptive sync support and 100 srgb support now personally I’ve only used the g14 for a few days and so far I like this display I like the contrast ratio the black levels.

I think the whole display looks very punchy color wise the brightness does seem to be on the lower side but this is a gaming laptop so probably not going to use it outdoors as for the gaming performance I would have liked to try the 120 hertz version of this laptop but the wqh display does feel fairly responsive while gaming as for the speakers there are four of them two tweeters up top and two woofers underneath and for laptop speakers i really like the bass here I mean the sound quality is good and it’s pretty clear with a lot of depth but the bass is what really surprised me that’s pretty nice.

Asus Zephyrus G14 Image 2I also like the rest of the design here first of all for a gaming laptop this is very lightweight and very portable it’s 17.9 millimeters thin and 1.6 kgs which is amazing given the power this laptop packs when it comes to the ports on the left you get the asus proprietary charging port hdmi  usb c 3.2 port which supports pd  charging and display port and a 3.5 mm audio jack which also can work for the mics on the right you get a Kensington lock port two usb a 3.2 ports  and a usbc 3.2 port.

When it comes to the keyboard this is the keyboard you get and it’s a wide backlit keyboard with n key rollover and I like the fact that the keys are  fairly big and well-spaced the layout is good too and i like the ample 1.7 millimeters travel there are also these four additional keys to lower volume increase volume mute mic and open the armory create app which is nice to have now I think this keyboard is great because the typing experience is pretty good.

But there are a couple of things I want to mention first the white back light does not play well with the white keyboard because there’s just no contrast between these keys and the light second the keys have a very soft feel to it which you may like or not it’s a very subjective thing so it’s up to you.

Asus Zephyrus G14 Image 3

Also I almost forgot there’s a fingerprint scanner in the power button that well just works fine and yeah if you’re wondering about the webcam well there’s not one here when it comes to software there’s windows 10 home on board with a few ASUS tricks so first up there’s the armory crate app which shows you all the gpu and CPU stats the memory and storage and it has these different performance modes with different graphs now I generally played my games with a turbo setting because it brings the best performance while making sure the fan noise is not too much but you can use the manual setting to crank the fans up

Asus Zephyrus G14 Image 4Another feature of the armory crate I like is the ability to change the colors of the display based on the game you’re playing there’s racing rpg fps cinema vivid etcetera apart from armory create there’s also the my ASUS app where you can check for errors install updates and link your phone to the laptop lastly there’s the battery the ASUS z virus G14 features a 76 watt hour battery and comes with a 180 watt charger in the box now when it comes to battery life this gaming laptop can compete with ultra-works out they’re all thanks to the power efficient CPU.

Asus Zephyrus G14 Image 5I mean it said to last more than 10 hours on full charge and that’s obviously without gaming but it sounds impressive as for the charging the full size 180 watt charger gives you the full power of the laptop but you can also charge the laptop using a 65 or usb c pd charger which you’ll have to buy separately apart from that on the connectivity front the G14 has pretty much everything covered there’s Intel wi-fi 6 modem and Bluetooth 5.0 so yeah it’s pretty much covered well that was pretty much everything about the new ASUS Z14 gaming laptop and like i said at the start this is one of the most exciting gaming laptops.

I’ve ever used first of all it does not even look like a gaming laptop and it has this anemic mattress design which is just super cool the AMD chip set and the 2060 gpu can power through every single game out there and even intensive tasks the battery life seems amazing and it’s got all the other basics like the keyboard and touch pad fairly alright so to be honest I haven’t actually used this laptop extensively but if you really ask me I think this is not only a great ultra-portable gaming laptop there’s also a great powerful laptop for anyone looking to do things like video editing so yeah that’s what I think but I’d love to know your opinion on this laptop so sound off in the comment section below also give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and make sure to share it with your friends.amazon-button

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