Canada is considered to be a really large country with a fairly small population.  With that in mind, immigration is really important when it comes to social and economic growth.  For this very reason, Canadian immigration policies are always being reviewed and changed to help meet the current needs of the government.  Take a look at the various aspects of society that are affected by immigration.

The Economy: A big benefit of immigration is the availability of more workers.  There is a high demand for physicians in the rural areas of Canada.  Immigrants can be helpful when it comes to meeting this demand, even if it is only on a temporary basis.

Another thing to consider is supply and demand.  Basically, if there is an increase in supply when the demands are high, there will be a drop in employee wages.  On the flip side, shortages in supply when the demands are high may mean higher employee wages because the employers will want to provide competitive compensation to hire and retain skilled workers.  Having a good balance between supply and demand in the workforce is important when it comes to the growth of the economy.

The Culture: Immigration can help to boost the cultural diversity in Canada.  People from other countries can have the opportunity to meet each other and get to know each other, and even build friendships that can last a lifetime.  This diversity can help to bring about an increase in knowledge across the country, and it can also lead to more opportunities when it comes to education.

The Comparative Advantage: Comparative advantage is basically the ability of a country to manufacture goods or services at a cost that is lower than another country.  When you hire immigrant workers for jobs that they are well trained in, you may find that there are a lot of advantages.  This is especially true if your only other option would be to hire a Canadian worker that would require training for the position.

These have addressed the advantages of immigration, but there are disadvantages as well.

Imbalanced Population: Immigrants will usually move into the more populated cities because they have a better job market.  Because of this, overcrowding has become an issue.  Most immigrants will want to move to the cities that offer them the best life possible. This can leave the rural areas in quite a bind.

Financial Drain: The Canadian government will inevitably have to take on additional expense in order to educate and care for the immigrant families.  Sometimes these expenses are not offset by the immigrants’ ability to work in Canada.  Immigrants that have a lot to offer Canada can prove to be very valuable, but the ones that are not skilled may not be able to bring many benefits

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