Many of us want to know the latest fashion updates, fashion news, and avail convenient shopping by using their androids phones. For those who don’t have time to visit each and every fashion website or blog, fashion apps are just the right option for you. As mobile applications have made our life easy and convenient these apps have made our shopping life quite user-friendly and comfortable as well. Get your fashion guide, products, reviews and sale new on these apps and complete your fashion desires all at once. As these apps help you get the latest news about fashion and even shop your favourite items by just a few taps, these free fashion apps for android users are must-haves for this year:



Blooming date’s Big Brown Bag

[Price: Free]

This app is Bloomingdale’s official mobile app. It has an entire catalogue of the online store. You can not only access all the items but also colours, sizes and other details of the product. You can easily but these products with just a few taps, it also allows scanning options to your product. You can know the latest sales, locate the nearest store as well as register for your wedding and loyalty as well as reward accounts. If you don’t want to miss any opportunity of fashion this app is a must-download for mobiles.


[Price: Free]

For those who are looking for a platform to sell their own creation, this is a platform for you all. This app is an online store which allows the different artist to sell their own creations. You can also buy these items and art pieces such as accessories, clothes and customized products. This is a fun community which allows you to directly talk to the shop and store owners, ask for customization and instantly buy the available products from the store.


[Price: Free]

For those who don’t want to miss any sales on the leading brands, this app is just for you. This app allows you to know all the super sales around. You can get registered with this app and will know all the sales and discounts on the leading brand names. This sale can get as high as 70% on jewellery, clothes, shoes, handbags and accessories. If you are a big fan of brands and sales then this app is just the right option for you/

The Hunt

[Price: Free]

Unlike many fashion apps which emphasize on the buying and selling of the products, this app is just like a community for the fashion lovers. This app helps people who are looking for a particular product related to fashion to know from where it belongs by uploading the picture on the app and ask the community members about it. Many times it is difficult to search a particular product where it can be found nearby that is why they ask on this app about it and get guidance about the fashion related stuff here. You can also get honest opinions from the community members, advice on style as well as quick feedback about any your fashion taste.

Mr Porter

[Price: Free]

For those who want the latest updates on men fashion, this app is a just right app for you. This app is all about the men fashion from clothing, shoes, sports, lifestyle, grooming and all the fusion related stuff men. This app provides shipping over 170 countries which provide you with a complete list of products delivered. This app is quite easy and simple to use as well as provide a wishlist option in you want to buy something in future as well. But keep this in mind that the products on this app are quite expensive yet very classy and high-end products are available on this app.

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